Los Angeles Ren Faire

On the Saturday before last my brother and I geared up and went to the local Ren faire! Last year was our first time going to the Los Angeles one and also our first time dressing up! This last time since I was in costume I had to buy a couple accessories (namely a belt … Continue reading Los Angeles Ren Faire


Training Change

I quit boxing. Now, don't get me wrong. I love boxing! But the fact of the matter, is that due to my current health state, boxing took too much of a toll on my body at this point. I mentioned how the first class I took sent me to the hospital right? Well, in order … Continue reading Training Change

Studying the Sweet Science pt. 1

Knowing your limits Three weeks ago I started taking Boxing lessons at a local octagonal oriented gym. First class didn't go so well. I jumped in head first and uh ended up in the hospital. Partly this was an issue of overestimating myself, miscommunication, and just plain bad luck. My pre-existing condition + A bad … Continue reading Studying the Sweet Science pt. 1